New & Old

In the Palais Royal – they’ve filled the courtyard with black and white stripy poles of different heights for young and old to play on. A wonderful marriage of old and new, passive and active.    

Paris, je t’aime

Paris in all its splendour for four days… Beginning with a sing at the Paris Ukulele Festival, Followed by the Sawmill Sessions Bluegrass & Old Time Festival, in a barge on the canal. The sound was fabulous, and I was pleased to note they were using the same Myrtle microphone that I have. I spent… Continue reading Paris, je t’aime

I like London in the rain

The 11:31 Eurostar left at 11:31 and 5 seconds, cruising out so smoothly I hardly noticed we were moving. London has been grand for the last two weeks. I even enjoyed the rain over the last two days, wandering around with that Blossom Dearie song playing in my head: “I like London in the rain,… Continue reading I like London in the rain

London Craft

London Craft Week has been on for the last couple of days with a host of curious and beautifully made things. I made a beeline for the Steinway restoration demonstration at Oxo Tower on the Thames. They were fixing cracks in the soundboard of a 1889 piano when I was there. Carefully inserting a fine… Continue reading London Craft

Wine furniture

After three days at the London Wine Fair my teeth hurt, my feet hurt and my eyes have become attuned to interesting things. It’s quite incredible that most of the stands follow the same format, offer the same thing, and by the afternoon of Day 3 wear the same bored expressions. My eye is drawn to… Continue reading Wine furniture

Adventures in Europe #3

A virtual bike ride through Paris as part of Castel’s marketing. It was quite fun until the crazy Swedish guy next to me swerved around a virtual bus and nearly knocked me off: Then the photos suggest he was having a good perve while I, oblivious, finished my ride and the hostess held his handlebars steady.  

Adventures in Europe #1

It’s a beautiful day in London. The perfect May day. I flew in on Monday morning and am here for a couple of weeks, then off to France for a couple of weeks before coming home. I decided to write a little post about every day, which as the travellers among you will understand, internet… Continue reading Adventures in Europe #1