Old Time Barge

After the Ukulele Festival on Friday and Saturday, my weekend in Paris continued on a musical note on Sunday with the Old Time & Bluegrass Festival. I’d chosen my Airbnb for its proximity to the festivals but I didn’t realise I’d be able to spot the venue from my bedroom window. Looking out to the canal and a… Continue reading Old Time Barge

Un weekend à Paris

Having a holiday in the middle of a holiday seems extraordinarily decadent, but one does what one must. The kids’ dad came over to visit, so I got a week off parenting – yippee! I skipped of to Paris with my ukulele and a little backpack last Friday night for the Paris Ukulele Festival followed… Continue reading Un weekend à Paris

Victory Day – May 8

The sound of a marching band and activity in the square outside my house raised me from my slothful reading in bed on Monday morning. I was enjoying the public holiday and not having to get the kids off to school, but had done nothing more than briefly wonder why it was a day off.… Continue reading Victory Day – May 8

Bread & Poker

The last day before starting French school (after 4 weeks holidays) saw my small hedonists playing poker in the sunshine with stinky cheese on baguette. Now if that pigeon that keeps cooing out of time would just get a metronome, Gabriel would be completely relaxed. The last week has been rather beastly with gastro and cold,… Continue reading Bread & Poker