Happiness as Anarchy #26: Being a Passenger

Sometimes the little joys sneak up me from behind, tap me on the shoulder and sprinkle some fairy dust on my toes. It happened today as I sat in the car coming home from a work trip. Living in the country I spend a bit of time in the car and 98% of the time, I’m driving. How delightful it was to sit in the back seat, cruising the country roads of north central Victoria looking out the window. The sunset was stunning – dark clouds, slashes of gold, and grand old trees standing vibrant green paddocks. A feast for the eyes and I even took a few photos as we beetled down the road. Another luxury of the back seat is that one has the choice of joining the conversation and or drifting off into thoughts.

I caught this one halfway between Heathcote and Kyneton, just before we descended the valley to cross the Campaspe River on the old wooden bridge.


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