Happiness as Anarchy #70: Bach Cello Suites

Beautiful, interesting and soothing. J.S.Bach wrote incredible music (breaking all the rules of harmony and counterpoint), and his Cello Suites – for solo cello – burrow their way into your heart and mind. Perfect listening when you’re sad, when you’re happy, in fact, when you’re feeling anything or nothing at all.


By Amie Brûlée

Amie Brûlée is a musician, performer, teacher and researcher. She sings, plays piano, double bass and ukulele, unearths old songs and writes new ones. Amie also has a PhD in wine and anthropology and adores teaching wine tasting, gastronomy and song-writing. Amie lives in central Victoria with a house full of instruments, a head full of songs and a cellar full of wine.

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