Happiness as Anarchy #104: Playing piano

Playing piano has always been a meditation-like exercise for me. Whenever I was grumpy as a kid my mum would tell me to go and play piano, as she knew it would fix whatever was wrong. I’ve had a difficult day and driving home I was contemplating wine or chocolate (or both) as a remedy, but walked in the door and realised that what I really needed was for my fingers and ears to commune with my piano. It only took 15 minutes at the ivories (although I could have happily stayed there for hours) to restore the balance of things.

McCoy Tyner's hands
Close-up photo of the hands of jazz pianist McCoy Tyner as he performs at the Jazz Showcase, a jazz club in the Printer’s Row neighborhood of Chicago, 1970s. (Photo by Robert Abbott Sengstacke/Getty Images)

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