Happiness as Anarchy #151: Taking photographs

I learned to take photos on my parents’ 1970s Pentax SLR. The photos I took (especially on my first trip to Europe when I was 21) are still some of the best photos I’ve ever taken. There’s something special about the weight of an SLR camera that sharpens my eye and makes me frame an image well. I had my photographic eye on today while out enjoying the sunshine, and found shapes and lines and contrasts everywhere I looked.

This church is a short walk from my apartment, nestled between a basketball court and the Centre for Latino-amercian Music.

By Amie Brûlée

Amie Brûlée is a musician, performer, teacher and researcher. She sings, plays piano, double bass and ukulele, unearths old songs and writes new ones. Amie also has a PhD in wine and anthropology and adores teaching wine tasting, gastronomy and song-writing. Amie lives in central Victoria with a house full of instruments, a head full of songs and a cellar full of wine.

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