Happiness as Anarchy #191: Deadline extensions

Following on from yesterday’s post where I had a written a paper into existence but it still needed editing in order to submit by the end of today. What joy, having being woken early by the police at my door (that’s another, not very interesting story), to check my email and find a message informing me that the paper deadline has been extended by a week. Said paper is sitting there waiting for Monday to be polished ready for shipment, and I enjoyed a leisurely Saturday.

Happiness as Anarchy #190: Writing A Paper

Some writing is a pleasure, like this blog. A little whim that emerges in text as I sit at the keyboard. I can write whatever takes my fancy and I try to stick to one paragraph. Sometimes it’s harder to write something shorter than longer, but I enjoy the crafting. Writing an academic paper is a different thing altogether and always fraught with fears that I won’t succeed. All the more joy, then when I write a paper into existence. Even if it still needs editing, the feeling of success arrives when it becomes structurally complete and contains all the necessary parts.

Happiness as Anarchy #186: Great road names

Driving through the drought-stricken, dusty landscape of central-west New South Wales is not somewhere you expect to find humour. Until google maps tells you to ‘turn left in 100m onto The Bogan Way‘. This is by far the best street name I have seen in years. It prompted me to look up the etymology of the word bogan, and the most convincing argument is that its pejorative meaning is a reference to those living west of Sydney near the Bogan River.

Happiness as Anarchy #185: A new recipe book

I have too many books. They are on shelves, in stacks, in boxes, and liberally scattered around the house. Nonetheless, there is always room for more, especially when it seems the universe has conspired for me to find a particular book, as I did today – a small recipe book of Argentinian Street Food with 30 empanada recipes plus a host of other dishes. You know what I’ll be cooking this week!

Happiness as Anarchy #184: Beautiful fabric

High quality fabric with beautiful patterns has made me happy for many, many years. Combine that with the joy of the forage and I am very happy. I foraged through piles of gorgeous upholstery samples today at Debbie Weston’s popup shop in the Block Arcade in Ballarat. Stunning prints and luxurious fabric are there for your foraging pleasure tomorrow from 10 to 4. And the best bit? It’s all $2 a piece. I’ve got secret squirrel plans for the beauties I bought. Here’s one piece employed as a photo backdrop.