Happiness as Anarchy #164: Empanadas

What delicious little packages empanadas are! A hand sized pastry pillow encasing a tasty savoury filling. Every part of Argentina and South America has their own signature variety with different fillings, some baked, others fried. I don’t know if there is a specific Buenos Aires empanada, but I would agree with other gastronomers that El Hornero in the San Telmo market has the best empanadas in the city. For the princely sum of 120 pesos (AU$3), many a time I satisfied my hungry stomach with two delicious empanadas. The different shapes indicate their filling, and I have a particular soft spot for the melted perfection of cantimpalo y queso (spciy sausage and cheese), and the carne salteña frita (fried with meat and potatoes), with a delicious red pepper and chilli sauce.

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