Happiness as Anarchy #204: Gracias a la vida

Mercedes Sosa was a legendary Argentine folk singer with an incredible voice. Known as ‘the voice of the voiceless ones’, she was a musical activist, even getting arrested on stage at a concert in 1979. A friend in Buenos Aires has been sending me songs to listen to, including Gracias a la Vida, written by Chilean Violeta Parra and one of Mercedes Sosa’s signature songs. I love this live version with Joan Baez in 1988.

Happiness as Anarchy #203: Finding my name at the top of the page

I just found myself unexpectedly on the front page of my favourite conference’s website. I hopped on the Symposium of Australian Gastronomy’s website to send a link to a winey colleague and found my name front and centre. I know it’s pure chance for the order of uploading, but it makes me smile nonetheless. It’s a post with the lyrics from the songs and spoken word I performed at last year’s conference (which I’m planning to record them over summer).

Happiness as Anarchy #200: Wine

Today’s title seems simple, but for me it encompasses so many parts of my life. And on beautiful days, I find lots of the good bits swirling together like a great blended vintage. Today, on day #200 of this little blogging exercise, my glass was filled with an Australian Malbec, that I shared with fellow a wine anthropologist ,whose thesis helped me through mine (thank you Bill Skinner!), and as I got up to leave, I noticed some bottles on display in the window: there, snuggled next to each other were none other than Château Beychevelle and Château Lynch-Bages, the two French case studies from my PhD.

Happiness as Anarchy #198: Don't Fence Me In

‘Tis a song that most people associate with country and western, but in fact twas written by the master of music theatre, Cole Porter. He penned the melody in 1934, with lyrics written by Robert Fletcher, for the musical Adios Argentina. However it didn’t become a hit until Roy Rogers sang it in the Warner Bros. movie Hollywood Canteen in 1944. My favourite recoding is Bing Crosby with the Andrews Sisters – fabulous harmonies, superbly crafted rhythms, and a top notch band arrangement.