Happiness as Anarchy #280: Sunset views

The sun goes down every day, but pretty sunset views still make me smile. Looking out over the city and the river in Perth was a wonderland of lights – sky, traffic, windows, and that mysterious green tower. It was also perfectly timed – the celestial spectacular had finished by the time my incredible dinner arrived. Back to back, but not overlapping, sensory experiences.

Happiness as Anarchy #279: A New Song

I went to bed far too late last night after being ambushed by the piano and a tune in my head. I woke up this morning with an idea for the B section, got out of bed, tried it on the piano and it worked beautifully. The lyrics for that section wrote themselves – I’m not sure what they mean or what the song is about, but give it a few days and something will turn up. It nice when a song has an easy birth. Finishing it is another task altogether.

Happiness as Anarchy #278: Found notes

One of the wonders of tidying, apart from living in less of a mess, is finding little treasures in the bottom of boxes. This one emerged from the depths today. I can’t remember who said it or when, but still seems entirely relevant.
Decide what it is you want. Write that shit down. Make a fucking plan. And work on it. Every. Single. Day. Stop the glorification of busy.

Happiness as Anarchy #277: Catching the early bus

Sometimes the planets align and everything clicks together seamlessly. There were heavy storms in Perth last night so I was glad to be flying home this morning through a calm, sunny day. The flight arrived a whisker early, so instead of having to wait two hours for the bus, I had just enough time to catch the earlier bus. Twas a lovely gift to not have to spend two hours waiting at the airport and to get home in the light and say hello to my chickens.

Happiness as Anarchy #276: Fine Indigenous Ingredients

You’ve probably gathered by now that food plays a large part in my life. This evening I had the great pleasure of dining at Wildflower in Perth. It is fine dining with a focus on Australian native ingredients and a view over the rooftops and river. What did I order? Jarrah smoked kangaroo with pepperberry, native herb pesto and pickled radish, and a tomato salad with burrata, lemon balm, aniseed myrtle and stone fruit, accompanied by a glass of tempranillo. Rounding it off beautifully, my charming waiter presented me with two divine finger lime chocolate balls to finish.

Happiness as Anarchy #275: The Cronut

That is not a typo. You read it correctly: cronut. I tried one for the first time this morning, mostly because I’m a curious creature. The Cronut is where croissant meets donut. Croissant dough, in the shape of a donut, and fried. The one in question was topped with chocolate and pistachios. It was quite tasty and I do love trying something new. I do think, however, that I prefer a straight croissant or straight donut over the hybrid.

Happiness as Anarchy #274: Sculpture

Perth is an intriguing blend of new and old. It’s a city of skyscrapers and visible big business, but it also has stunning scenes around corners just when you’re not expecting it. I love the movement and fluidity in this sculpture with the solid backdrop of old stone and high-rise glass, which in turn are juxtaposed against the clouds behind.

Happiness as Anarchy #273: Sniper view

As a country girl, there’s a voyeuristic pleasure in staying in a high rise hotel. It is a fascinating view over rooftops and streets, watching the odd melange of activities that is never visible from down below. Unlike the sniper, I’m only collecting images and observations.

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Happiness as Anarchy #272: Disappearing down the music wormhole

Rehearsing is always a pleasure. Especially when it’s for one of my favourite small festivals – Melbourne Ukulele Festival – and one of my favourite songwriters – Leonard Cohen. I was going to post a clip of Leonard singing Come Healing live in Dublin, but the musical wormhole is a rich place. So much material to digest and I thought you might like Teddy Thompson’s version of The Ballad of the Absent Mare.

Happiness as Anarchy #271: Good Dental News

I’m sure you’ve done it too – put off making a dentist appointment for much longer than you should have. Then comes the catalyst when something hurts and you realise you MUST go. Trembling with fear for pain in your mouth and your wallet, your force yourself to go, convinced most of your teeth are on the verge of falling out. That’s when the happy moment comes: you’re definitely due for a good clean, but that’s it. Remember to floss and we’ll see you in six months. I walked out of the dental clinic this afternoon feeling ever so lucky I didn’t have a head full of anaesthetic. What a blessed relief!