Happiness as Anarchy #286: Forced rest

I like it that my hairdresser is rarely running on time. I make sure I’m there at the correct time and I subconsciously look forward to the pre-cut minutes without activity. Permission is granted to do nothing. Sometimes I read a magazine (it’s the only time I read magazines) but mostly I allow myself to simply sit and watch the little world in front of me go about its business. Noted on this occasion: my hairdresser has very nice indoor plants.

By Amie Brûlée

Amie Brûlée is a musician, performer, teacher and researcher. She sings, plays piano, double bass and ukulele, unearths old songs and writes new ones. Amie also has a PhD in wine and anthropology and adores teaching wine tasting, gastronomy and song-writing. Amie lives in central Victoria with a house full of instruments, a head full of songs and a cellar full of wine.

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