Happiness as Anarchy #342: Lemon zest and Goat’s curd

Sometimes the spur of the moment dinner made with what one finds in the kitchen is utterly delectable. This evening I peered into the fridge and finding mushrooms, spinach and goat’s curd, prepared myself a little dinner. A clove of garlic and few gratings of lemon zest later, I have a delicious dinner for one that just happens to pair perfectly with the vinous offering in the fridge – an open bottle of Yarra Valley chardonnay. Bon appetit!

Happiness as Anarchy #341: Digging

I wanted to plant a tree and ended up having to dig up a concrete slab and a tree stump. Needless to say, I haven’t yet planted the tree, but after many days of hard labour in the cold and sometimes rain, the slab is a pile a rubble. It feels good to have vanquished a pile of concrete and built some muscle in the process, and the chickens are pleased to have a new landscape to scratch in.