Paper in slot

At the Ballot Box I get the feeling I significantly increased the style rating at the Creswick polling booth at 2pm today, although it was hardly a challenging task. Looking forward to seeing your snaps (even if the election result is horrendously depressing)

Scarf style

Ever wondered how to tie your scarf perfectly? Lauranne from Liberty shares the chic in her delightful French accent.

Crème de Mémoire – Amie Brûlée’s new CD is now available

I’ve just picked it up from the printers and it looks très chic in that special brûlée blue. There are eleven tracks of fabulous French songs sung by Amie with Bruce Millar playing guitar, and I do think it sounds best with a glass of champagne and some delicious cheese. If you’d like to purchase… Continue reading Crème de Mémoire – Amie Brûlée’s new CD is now available

En construction …

While my new website is being built, you can look at my myspace page (with song samples and photos) and find me on Facebook. Bisous, Amie


Bienvenu to my new site! I’d love to say the photo above is my new house, but that would be lying. Do YOU know where it is? Amie