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Amie Brûlée is a Ballarat based musician, performer, storyteller, researcher and teacher. Her musical adventures and influences range from classical to jazz, blues and folk music from around the globe, and she loves nothing more than finding a new way to interpret an old song. With a focus on France and gastronomy, she creates cabaret style shows that combine music and stories, transporting the audience to other places and times. Her sound installation piece – The Talking Couch – collects and shares stories of ordinary people and everyday lives. Amie has PhD in French and Australian wine culture and stories, has taught in schools, universities, galleries and bars, produced festivals and events, and has a particular interest in the creative process. She is constantly plotting new creative adventures and believes that music and stories are a fundamental part of human nature. Amie loves to blend stories, music, history and research into inspiring performances and workshops.


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2 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Barbara Santich

    Bonsoir Amie,

    I enjoyed your performance (you have a fantastic voice) – and it reminded me that one of my students did her MA thesis on female blues singers of the 1920s-1930s, and the food references in their songs, most of which had sexual innuendo. I have a CD (indeed, 2) of their recordings, which I could lend if you’re interested. And I can find the name and email address of the student, if you’re further interested.


    Barbara Santich

    1. Bonsoir Barbara,
      That sounds like a fascinating thesis – I would be very interested to hear the songs. Iff you could send me a list of the songs on the CDs you have I can probably find them online.
      Thanks for thinking of me and getting in touch!
      Best wishes, Amie

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