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Les Femmes de Versailles

The Women of Versailles

A Discover the secrets and conquests of the extraordinary women of the French court accompanied by beautiful baroque music played live on the grand piano. Amie Brûlée, in full 18th century costume, tells the tales of the women of Versailles and plays the piano.

Find out if Marie-Antoinette really said ‘Let them eat cake!”, the origins of Louboutin’s red shoe soles, and how Madame de Pompadour carved her place in affairs of state!

A one-woman, one-piano show.

“Highly entertaining and beautiful, and as a bonus we left feeling like we’d learned a whole lot.”

“The women and men who you introduced us to were largely unknown to us but your words so expertly delivered, had us spellbound. The music was bliss and we felt humbled to be in the presence of such an accomplished musician. We loved it!”


The birth of fine dining, the French and the love of food

A musical dégustation, serves ten courses of musical morsels and tasty tales of food, the French, and the cuisine of love and repulsion. It begins with a strong espresso to set the audience’s palate for a menu du jour that may include the myriad qualities of egg yolks, the characteristics of a perfect baguette, the dubious origins of macarons, the emotional power of raspberries, how to indulge in pungent cheeses without being socially ostracised, the art of seduction down culinary avenues, and just how fine the line is between indulgence and intoxication. 
Evoking the impeccable Parisian hostess of yesteryear, Amie Brûlée serves her cabaret cuisine with old fashioned songs, a dash of history, a cup of culinary insights, and a grind of peppery surprises.
Oh mon dieu, c’est délicieux!

Amie in blue dress holding a wooden spoon and whisk
Amie in black dress leaning on piano

Les Années Folles

The Crazy Years

Paris in the 1920s: a hotbed of social, cultural and artistic dynamism fuelled by unparalleled prosperity.
Amie Brûlée steps into her most elegant couture dress and conjures the crazy years of Paris between the wars. 
Weaving private tales and historical truths with cabaret tunes from the era and classic French songs, she’ll make you laugh, cry, sing and swoon. 
Rendez-vous in Paris with Amie and her swinging three-piece band.

The Talking Couch

In Search of Lost Evenings is a sound installation of local stories about the 1940s, presented in the form of a vintage lounge room. Speakers are installed in the couch and the audience is invited to take a seat in the lounge and immerse themselves in stories of evenings past.
The sound is a collection of eight stories from elderly people, recounting their memories of evenings in their twenties. One story from each person is selected and edited, then professionally recorded by experienced storytellers. Each story is matched with a pertinent song or piece of music, lending an emotional and historical context to the reading.
Each story is a complete vignette it itself, but when combined the collection forms a 45-minute audio that has a deliberately crafted contour, creating a journey in sound and music. the installation takes listeners on a personal, historical and emotional journey through evenings past.

Amie Brûlée

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
0408 350 932