Happiness as Anarchy #184: Beautiful fabric

High quality fabric with beautiful patterns has made me happy for many, many years. Combine that with the joy of the forage and I am very happy. I foraged through piles of gorgeous upholstery samples today at Debbie Weston’s popup shop in the Block Arcade in Ballarat. Stunning prints and luxurious fabric are there for your foraging pleasure tomorrow from 10 to 4. And the best bit? It’s all $2 a piece. I’ve got secret squirrel plans for the beauties I bought. Here’s one piece employed as a photo backdrop.

Happiness as Anarchy #73: Gigs with friends

I’m opening the show tonight for Pete Daffy. Not only a great musician with an incredible voice, he’s also a very good friend of mine. It’s such a pleasure to play a gig with people I love, and it’s also very special – I love their music, love their smiles, and love their hearts.

Here we are at a gig last year, with Alison on bass:

Happiness as Anarchy #10: Tiny Street Art

The world is fabulously interesting when you notice the small things. Tiny street art is such a delight when it catches your eye. The laneways off the Bridge Mall in Ballarat have a surprising amount of art if you look up and down. My favourite is Time Lane (opposite Drury Lane, where I always expect to see the muffin man) which has a dozen tiny bronze sculptures on and in the wall. The little scenes make up a series called “Incidents in Time” by local artist Jason Waterhouse. The scenes contain ordinary things in delightful combinations: there’s row of mailboxes, doorways, a caravan on cloud, a tv, a couch, a rollercoaster going nowhere. They make me smile every time I walk down the lane and will continue to do so indefinitely. I’m smiling on the inside too, content to be the crazy lady who stops and peers at the detail while everyone else strides past not even noticing that this is no ordinary brick wall.