Happiness as Anarchy #198: Don’t Fence Me In

‘Tis a song that most people associate with country and western, but in fact twas written by the master of music theatre, Cole Porter. He penned the melody in 1934, with lyrics written by Robert Fletcher, for the musical Adios Argentina. However it didn’t become a hit until Roy Rogers sang it in the Warner Bros. movie Hollywood Canteen in 1944. My favourite recoding is Bing Crosby with the Andrews Sisters – fabulous harmonies, superbly crafted rhythms, and a top notch band arrangement.

Happiness as Anarchy #102: Sam’s Song

Here’s a happy tune, you’ll love to croon …
I discovered this fabulous little song on a Bing Crosby duets album that I picked up in an opshop one day. Ridiculously cheery and guaranteed to put a spring in your step even on the gloomiest of days. Bing’s brother, Gary, does a wonderful job of the second time through with a bagful of extra lyrics. What for others would be a blur, Gary delivers beautifully articulated mouthfuls of words.