Happiness as Anarchy #232: Mashed potato

AAh, the quiet comfort of mashed potato. The right variety of potatoes, properly cooked and mashed to a smooth, creamy texture with lots of butter and salt. The secret ingredient for super-creamy mash is whisking in an egg at the end. I learned this when I was living in England many moons ago and asked the chef in a pub how he made his mash so creamy. An obliging chap, he told me the simple secret. A French chef friend maintains that an equal ratio of butter to potato is the key, but in deference to my arterial health I go with the egg.

Happiness as Anarchy #112: Fried Potatoes

It’s a good day when dinner is a bottle of French pink bubbles accompanied by fried potatoes, so slowly cooked they taste like salted caramel. So soft and delicious they melted in my mouth, perfectly matched with the strawberry notes of the wine. She’s a keeper, my friend Michelle, for much more than her potato frying expertise, but also for that very skill.

Here’s a recipe ( I haven’t tested it, but it looks pretty good)



Happiness as Anarchy #76: Salty Butter

Butter makes everything better. However, not all butters are made equal. My favourite butter is the beurre salé de Bretagne – salted butter from Brittany. Whatever the cows in the west of France are munching on makes delicious milk, which is then churned into butter. The butter is then liberally salted with tiny, crunchy salt crystals, harvested from local salt producers. Slathered on fresh, warm baguette, it is simply heavenly. Interestingly, I find it satisfies the same cravings as vegemite on toast.