Happiness as Anarchy #48: Country Towns

I love the wide streets and varied architecture of little country towns. Camperdown’s main street has a great green strip down the middle with rows of huge trees on either side. Both sides have two-way traffic, and apparently the street is as wide as a bullock train’s turning circle, which was essential when the region was supplying Melbourne with agricultural produce. The clock tower and the decorative buildings attest to the town’s wealth in the late 19th and early 20th century.



Happiness as Anarchy #47: Winter Sun

This morning my windscreen had a good crust of ice on it, but one of the joys of a frosty morning is the sunny day that follows. I’ve driven an hour south to Camperdown, past sheep grazing in the sunshine as the mist began to rise and the world gradually appeared, clean and crisp. A giant blue sky is muscling its way into the day and by this afternoon the winter sun will be blazing, warming our winter bones. My office this morning is a café on the sunny side of the street with an earl grey tea and comfy chair.