Happiness as Anarchy #240: Storms

I love the rumble of thunder, the flash of lightning and the smell of rain on hot earth. I could happily watch the show for hours. Is it the electricity in the air that jiggles all my atoms around? There’s a possibility that negative ions in storm, and interestingly in the shower, make you feel happy. In digging around, I found this interesting article on storms, ions and psychology in the science magazine Nautilus.

Happiness as Anarchy #27: Clouds

I could look at clouds all day everyday and not get bored. This afternoon I was sitting in my lounge-room and glanced out to the window to see a spectacular afternoon sky. Boots on and camera in hand, I went cloud chasing in the neighbourhood. Strange things were a-happening – clouds like balls of fire, giant bubbles of darkness, and classic golden puffs were all up there, jostling for space.