Happiness as Anarchy #132: Global coffee

This morning I found myself, an Australian in Argentina, drinking my morning coffee next to a French couple. It surprised me that I understood them and took me while to realise why – I’m used to hearing Spanish here and not understanding most of it. It then dawned on me that the funky jazz I was tapping my toe to as I drank my espresso was in fact on a French radio station. ‘Tis truly a global village this big old world we live in. Good coffee, good music, and different languages make me tick.

I can’t find the track – I know I know it, but it’s hard to google a tune – so here’s Canonball Adderly with Mercy, Mercy, Mercy. Totally smooth and groovy.

Happiness as Anarchy #44: Clever Design & Coffee

I am always delighted to discover clever design work, especially when it includes coffee. The Telegram Coffee booth is located in the grand and beautifully restored State Buildings in central Perth. I was there late on a Sunday afternoon when the windows were closed, but I enjoyed it as much for what I imagined to be inside the box. My eye was drawn to the wheel handles and the way the whole box seemed to sit there in its allocated space. Although quite unassuming in its demeanour, it seemed to silently ask so many questions: How does it open? Are the wheels just decorative or do they really open the doors? Can you send a coffee telegram? What would I write if I could? (… bring coffee now stop undying love if you do stop …) One day I shall have to return to sample the coffee and solve at least some of the mysteries.

Find out more at telegramcoffee.com.au