Happiness as Anarchy #350: Inspiring conversation

I love being able to bat ideas around like tennis balls. Most of the time they go over the net, other times under, and there are a few that go over the fence never to be seen again. Playing the conversation game cannot be done alone – it must be a collaboration. It is one of my favourite games and is responsible for so many of the tiny ideas that make up the big projects in my life. I’m very lucky to have a lots of friends to play intellectual tennis with and I am particularly grateful for my regular Monday match with fellow creative, Jim.
This brilliant graphic is from his theatre show Heart of a Dog.

Happiness as Anarchy #287: Collaborating with friends

My lovely friend Cecily came to stay last night to nut out the details of a project we’re working on. Drawing the Versailles Woman is a workshop we are running in the Shepparton Festival on the 19th and 22nd March, and in April in Ballarat. It’s an absolute joy to work with Cec because she’s such a great person, but also because we have complementary skills – she’s a costumier, milliner and visual art teacher, and I’m a performer, musician and researcher. We’re inherently curious creatures, and also like to be organised and well-planned (no doubt because we are both growing small people and time is precious).

Happiness as Anarchy #208: Looking for the Heart

If you’ve been reading my anarchist blog for a little while you would know that I love learning new songs. Especially when they are for a particular project and suggested by a collaborator. This week’s mission is ‘Looking for the Heart of Saturday Night’ from Tom Waits’ 1975 album of the same name. There’s an irrepressible groove and the signature gritty Waits lyrics.

Happiness as Anarchy #13: My Brain Is Full

I’ve spent the last two days at the Creative State Summit at the Melbourne Museum. My brain is totally full and there’s a insane party of new ideas buzzing around at high speed in there. The speakers were by and large thought-provoking and engaging, but I’m more inspired by the people I met and the conversations I had. I will be processing and pondering, ruminating and reconstructing over the next little while, and I’m sure that will turn into new projects soon enough. On the one hand this all means more work, but it’s good work, meaningful work, exciting work, and that will make me happy for much longer than just today.

It was quite inspiring to spend a few days in the museum space, surrounded by dinosaurs and boats, fossils, trees and possum-skin cloaks.