Happiness as Anarchy #185: A new recipe book

I have too many books. They are on shelves, in stacks, in boxes, and liberally scattered around the house. Nonetheless, there is always room for more, especially when it seems the universe has conspired for me to find a particular book, as I did today – a small recipe book of Argentinian Street Food with 30 empanada recipes plus a host of other dishes. You know what I’ll be cooking this week!

Happiness as Anarchy #164: Empanadas

What delicious little packages empanadas are! A hand sized pastry pillow encasing a tasty savoury filling. Every part of Argentina and South America has their own signature variety with different fillings, some baked, others fried. I don’t know if there is a specific Buenos Aires empanada, but I would agree with other gastronomers that El Hornero in the San Telmo market has the best empanadas in the city. For the princely sum of 120 pesos (AU$3), many a time I satisfied my hungry stomach with two delicious empanadas. The different shapes indicate their filling, and I have a particular soft spot for the melted perfection of cantimpalo y queso (spciy sausage and cheese), and the carne salteña frita (fried with meat and potatoes), with a delicious red pepper and chilli sauce.