Happiness as Anarchy #276: Fine Indigenous Ingredients

You’ve probably gathered by now that food plays a large part in my life. This evening I had the great pleasure of dining at Wildflower in Perth. It is fine dining with a focus on Australian native ingredients and a view over the rooftops and river. What did I order? Jarrah smoked kangaroo with pepperberry, native herb pesto and pickled radish, and a tomato salad with burrata, lemon balm, aniseed myrtle and stone fruit, accompanied by a glass of tempranillo. Rounding it off beautifully, my charming waiter presented me with two divine finger lime chocolate balls to finish.

Happiness as Anarchy #192: Barrel Aged Tequila

I’m never one to pass on tasting something new, especially when I didn’t even know it existed. So when I came across barrel aged Tequila on the tasting bench at Dan’s it seemed necessary to investigate. Lo and behold, it’s quite delicious. The same depth and force of a whisky but with a herbaceous underpinning; smooth and slightly spicy with quite a smokey aroma. I’m not sure what I would serve with it – perhaps some roasted nuts or vegetable chips. Definitly worth trying again sometime soon.