Happiness as Anarchy #293: Pomegranates

Nigella says to eject the seeds from a pomegranate you just cut it in half and tap it with a wooden spoon. My experience says you have to whack the hell out of it for at least five minutes in order to dislodge a tiny handful. Nevertheless, I am always stopped in my tracks by the fruit hanging on the tree, like a Christmas bauble. The stunning orange globes set against the backdrop of remarkably small leaves.
This one caught my eye in the forecourt of the Northcote Uniting Church as I wandered into a Melbourne Ukulele Festival gig.

Happiness as Anarchy #63: Ruby Grapefruit

One of my favourite fruits is Ruby Grapefruit. Grapefruit is an accidental hybrid that originated in Barbados when the sweet orange cross-pollenated with the pomelo. Apparently the ‘grape’ part of the name refers to the way the fruits hangs in clusters. Like many, I always thought it was a terribly bitter fruit until I learned that if you remove all the membrane you also remove the bitterness. Thus, there is serious commitment involved – it takes a good ten minutes to segment and remove the membrane of a grapefruit (significantly longer than it takes to eat it), but it is a surprisingly satisfying task and worth the effort to have a plate full of jewel-like segments bursting with flavour, zing and citrus juiciness.