Happiness as Anarchy #234: Gardening in underwear

All the branding and marketing experts would probably say that under no circumstances should I tell you that I was gardening in my underwear today. I’m going to ignore them. It’s summer in Australia – the weather is hot and so am I. The plant needs watering and the tomatoes need tying up, so I put on my gardening gloves and got the job done. The evening breeze was quite pleasant and the chooks didn’t bat an eyelid!

What I will not do is post a selfie of the aforementioned activity. Instead I give you Manet’s Déjeuner sur l’herbe, painted in 1863. Polite Parisian society was outraged by the casual nudity when it was exhibited in the Salon des Refusés the same year.

Happiness as Anarchy #231: Sprouts

Growing things from seeds is such a gratifying process, especially when they germinate and grow quickly like sprouts. Pop them in the jar, water them every few days, watch them with a smile, sing to them and before you know it the little brown seeds have become a micro forest of green. They sit on my kitchen windowsill where I can observe their progress multiple times a day. It makes me happy to enable such verdant, vibrant growth.

Happiness as Anarchy #229: The little things

I had an unplanned day at home today, which was remarkably productive in tiny ways. I unpacked my CDs (too many to count), picked up things from Bunnings and Officeworks, planted a big pot of basil, watered the garden, installed a new guest bed, and pulled out some weeds. Nothing very impressive, but I feel strangely satisfied, as though I accomplished quite a lot quite unexpectedly.