Happiness as Anarchy #320: Movie on the couch

I bought my couch when my second child was born because I needed to be able to read a book to my two year old while feeding the new baby. Nearly thirteen years later the three of us still fit on that couch. It’s a bit cosier, but there is still room. Snuggled in between my two teenagers watching a movie, I realised just how nice it is to be couch potatoes together.

Happiness as Anarchy #308: Surprise Delivery

I’m in the middle of peeing this afternoon when the doorbell rings. By the time I’ve pulled my pants up and opened the door, there’s nobody there, but a lovely box on the doorstep. It’s a delicious box of cheese and nibbles from Vegas & Rose, a birthday present from my lovely friend Karen. The kids and I sat under the back veranda chatting and nibbling on it for ages. Just the nicest thing ever!

Happiness as Anarchy #253: Going out with my small people

It’s the second day of 38 degrees and everyone is tired from the first week back at school. Hot, sweaty and tired, we tootled off to a delightful gig lead by one of my favourite musicians, Melbourne guitarist Jon Delaney. Gypsy jazz and jazzy Beach Boys played beautifully in a wonderful room. The small people enjoyed it more than I thought and we’ve all come home inspired and with full hearts. There is so much joy in sharing music together.
Here’s a tune they played tonight – Le valse des niglos (The Waltz of the Hedgehogs)

Happiness as Anarchy #49: The 1st Child

This small person turned 14 today. He’s pretty special and brings me much joy. We’ve spent the last three days hanging out together in the car taking him to mandolin workshops. He’s always been an old soul, a thinker and an observer. He’s cheeky, curious, funny, intelligent, creative and equally stubborn as his mother. We’ve been testing out this parent-child thing for a while and seem to be making it work without too many disasters. It’s hard to believe he’ll be an adult in four years, but I’m loving watching him grow up into a remarkable big human.