Happiness as Anarchy #342: Lemon zest and Goat’s curd

Sometimes the spur of the moment dinner made with what one finds in the kitchen is utterly delectable. This evening I peered into the fridge and finding mushrooms, spinach and goat’s curd, prepared myself a little dinner. A clove of garlic and few gratings of lemon zest later, I have a delicious dinner for one that just happens to pair perfectly with the vinous offering in the fridge – an open bottle of Yarra Valley chardonnay. Bon appetit!

Happiness as Anarchy #237: Confit Duck

It’s not blow-your-mind amazing, but the Luv-a-duck confit duck legs from the supermarket are pretty good as far as prepared meals go. Fifteen minutes in the oven and it’s ready to eat and quite flavoursome. A few sliced tomatoes with basil and olive oil in the oven at the same time is the perfect accompaniment. Et voilà, a proper meal for minimal effort when home alone. I ate it before I thought to snap a photo, so some cute ducklings instead.