Happiness as Anarchy #304: Easy Writing

Songwriting is a strange process. Sometimes the song is a struggle most of the way, but you get there in the end. Other times it seems to spring out of nowhere. And then there are all those in betweens. In my books, when I write the lyrics to a verse one day and the second verse pops out complete the next morning, I’m on the easy end of the scale. Just hoping the third verse will emerge in a similar fashion tomorrow morning with my coffee.

Happiness as Anarchy #203: Finding my name at the top of the page

I just found myself unexpectedly on the front page of my favourite conference’s website. I hopped on the Symposium of Australian Gastronomy’s website to send a link to a winey colleague and found my name front and centre. I know it’s pure chance for the order of uploading, but it makes me smile nonetheless. It’s a post with the lyrics from the songs and spoken word I performed at last year’s conference (which I’m planning to record them over summer).