Happiness as Anarchy #320: Movie on the couch

I bought my couch when my second child was born because I needed to be able to read a book to my two year old while feeding the new baby. Nearly thirteen years later the three of us still fit on that couch. It’s a bit cosier, but there is still room. Snuggled in between my two teenagers watching a movie, I realised just how nice it is to be couch potatoes together.

Happiness as Anarchy #213: Classic Movie Dance

All those Christmas carols at the this time of year can poison your soul, like carefully administered arsenic. Lucky there are classic movies with wonderful dance scenes to make everything right again. This one is from Singing in the Rain with Donald O’Connor, Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds. The film was released in 1952, but this song was originally written for the 1939 film Babes in Arms.