Happiness as Anarchy #90: Due South

Following on from yesterday’s sailing ship post, I think my inner pirate was awakened in the mid 1990s while watching Due South. A brilliant Canadian crime series, with a good dash of quirky humour. The main protagonist is a dashingly handsome Mountie on secondment to Chicago accompanied by his trusty clue-sniffing husky. My favourite tune from the soundtrack is  Henry Martin, recorded by Newfoundland folk-rock revivalist band Figgy Duff. It’s a traditional 17th century Scottish song about a seafarer turned pirate.

Happiness as Anarchy #89: Sailing Ships

There’s a part of me that wants to be a pirate, sailing the high seas and singing shanties on the waves. I’m not sure where it comes from – perhaps there is a fabulous sailor woman in my family tree somewhere. In any case, I do love sailing ships with all their ropes, masts and beautiful craftsmanship. The one in the picture was moored in the Gironde River near Bordeaux just downstream from where I lived two years ago. At the slightest invitation I would have leapt on board, never to be seen again.