Happiness as Anarchy #23: Long Weekends

Waking up on Monday morning and realising I don’t have to go to work – that makes me happy! The novelty of public holidays is still exciting even though I’ve been in my job for seven months. Instead of being at my desk today, I’ve cooked and gardened and done the dishes and the washing and fixed the chicken door (to their house, not mine) and tidied and played music. So nice!

This is the last of the quinces on the tree out the front. I’m letting them hang like Christmas tree decorations until they drop.


Happiness as Anarchy #15: The Scent of Quinces

The quince trees in my garden both have a story. They are cuttings from my Mum’s tree, which she planted from a cutting from the old milkman who lived down the road when I was a kid. The fruit of this variety is particularly delicious and keeps its texture when cooked. The Currawongs were threatening to devour all my quinces this year, so I picked them early – a dozen or more giant yellow baubles – and left them sitting on the kitchen table to ripen. The wonderful thing about quinces is the way their scent permeates the house. Its not strong, but fruity and exotic, and a delightful waft hits me every time I walk in the front door.

Today I decided to slow-bake some of them and now the house is filled with the divine smell of quinces mixed with spices and lemon peel. I like to think it’s how a handsome 18th century spice trader might have smelled arriving back from mysterious lands and the high seas.