Happiness as Anarchy #272: Disappearing down the music wormhole

Rehearsing is always a pleasure. Especially when it’s for one of my favourite small festivals – Melbourne Ukulele Festival – and one of my favourite songwriters – Leonard Cohen. I was going to post a clip of Leonard singing Come Healing live in Dublin, but the musical wormhole is a rich place. So much material to digest and I thought you might like Teddy Thompson’s version of The Ballad of the Absent Mare.

Happiness as Anarchy #193: Rehearsals

Rehearsals are wonderful. Time and space to work things out, experiment and polish. They are also a lovely opportunity to wallow in the sounds and stretch things out in a way that you can’t do in front of an audience. I just had one of the most enjoyable rehearsals I’ve had for a long time, with Geoff for Wednesday’s Tom Waits gig. I just want to keep playing all night, but will have to be content with taking those songs out in a couple of days.