Happiness as Anarchy #300: The neighbour’s flowers

My street has a couple of well-tended gardens and some magnificent plants (remember the pink magnolia I posted a while ago?), but in the main most of us are not up to much. Along my driveway fence, however, the neighbours have been so lovely as to plant a row of wonderful and varied roses. I wandered out to check the mail today and was greeted by this peach beauty, basking in the sunshine. Her perfume is as divine as her colour.

Happiness as Anarchy #283: Pink Vinegar

It’s delicious, it’s pretty, and I made it. I’ve been making vinegar for a year or so now, with left over wine (not that there’s an awful of that in my house!). This particular batch was made with the bottle of rosé bubbles that had a little accident in the post just before Christmas. What didn’t sog up the box went into my vinegar and this elegant little brew is the result.

Happiness as Anarchy #211: Wine mystery solved

The wine mystery has been solved and resolved. Grant Burge are kindly sending me a replacement bottle for the leaky one, requesting that I send the offender back with its cork. So I opened it and it turns out there’s nothing wrong with the cork, but the neck was cracked – when I twisted the cork the glass came off in a big splinter. There’s nothing happy about yesterday’s flat sparkling, so the contents are destined for sauce.