Happiness as Anarchy #164: Empanadas

What delicious little packages empanadas are! A hand sized pastry pillow encasing a tasty savoury filling. Every part of Argentina and South America has their own signature variety with different fillings, some baked, others fried. I don’t know if there is a specific Buenos Aires empanada, but I would agree with other gastronomers that El Hornero in the San Telmo market has the best empanadas in the city. For the princely sum of 120 pesos (AU$3), many a time I satisfied my hungry stomach with two delicious empanadas. The different shapes indicate their filling, and I have a particular soft spot for the melted perfection of cantimpalo y queso (spciy sausage and cheese), and the carne salteña frita (fried with meat and potatoes), with a delicious red pepper and chilli sauce.

Happiness as Anarchy #157: Sculpture

Shape, form, texture, colour, perspective: I’m always drawn to sculpture. The Museo del Arte Moderno has a fabulous and large collection of sculpture (as well as 2D works) from the turn of the century through to today. My favourites were the early 20th century cubist sculptures and the indigenous works, which is no coincidence as they share an aesthetic of full shapes. I love being able to walk around a work and look at it from different angles, but I’m always reigning the urge to touch, to feel the form.

Happiness as Anarchy #154: Watching Chefs Cook

I love a seat at the bar in an open-kitchen restaurant. Casa San Juan has one of these and I had the pleasure of sitting there this evening. Not only were wine and food delicious (an oaked Chardonnay followed by a Pinot Noir by Salentin in the Valle de Uco in Mendoza, accompanying the gnocchi with tomatoes, beetroot, broccoli, bocconcini, mushrooms, garlic, pesto and cheese) but I watched it being cooked. My chef, Juan, was skilful and cooked with precision and care. He was also smiley and answered all my culinary questions. I sat there mesmerised by the theatre of the kitchen for hours (and to be honest, I enjoyed it more than a film or play!).

Happiness as Anarchy #152: Spring days

Early spring brings with it such joy and hope, particularly when the sun comes out after a few chilly days. Everyone seems to be smiling and taking their time as they stroll down the street, hearts brightened by the bright blue sky and verdant green growth. I tried to be virtuous and go to Modern Art Musuem, but I couldn’t bring myself to stay indoors. My camera and I wandered the streets instead.

Happiness as Anarchy #151: Taking photographs

I learned to take photos on my parents’ 1970s Pentax SLR. The photos I took (especially on my first trip to Europe when I was 21) are still some of the best photos I’ve ever taken. There’s something special about the weight of an SLR camera that sharpens my eye and makes me frame an image well. I had my photographic eye on today while out enjoying the sunshine, and found shapes and lines and contrasts everywhere I looked.

This church is a short walk from my apartment, nestled between a basketball court and the Centre for Latino-amercian Music.