Happiness as Anarchy #333: Germinating seeds

I found a bucket of old seeds in the shed. When I say old, I mean pushing a decade. But I’m an optimist, so I planted anything that should be planted in autumn, whispered an incantation over the veggie patch and crossed my fingers. The optimist in my failed to note what I planted where (thinking I would remember), thus several weeks later I’ve no idea what is in there. I think the first to raise their little green heads above the soil is a colony of dill, but only time will tell if that is correct. I’m ever hopeful that more tiny vegetables will emerge in the coming weeks.

Happiness as Anarchy #231: Sprouts

Growing things from seeds is such a gratifying process, especially when they germinate and grow quickly like sprouts. Pop them in the jar, water them every few days, watch them with a smile, sing to them and before you know it the little brown seeds have become a micro forest of green. They sit on my kitchen windowsill where I can observe their progress multiple times a day. It makes me happy to enable such verdant, vibrant growth.