Happiness as Anarchy #257: Mail

Snail mail is becoming increasingly rare these days, so when I open the flap of my mailbox and there’s actually something in there, it’s quite a treat. Today’s mail was a five star rating in the happiness stakes: Corin Raymond’s long awaited CD and book AND a ticket to see Amanda Palmer in Perth in a few weeks. What a perfect postal proffering!

Happiness as Anarchy #122: A letter that’s not a bill

A letter arrives in the mailbox with the logo of your energy company on the front. Tired of paying an endless stream of bills, you leave it sitting on the bench for several days before opening. You’re sure that it is another bill inside. When pragmatism beats procrastination you open the letter to find a delightful surprise: it is not a bill at all! Just a little letter to say that you are on the best plan for the amount of electricity you use. Aaah, happy days!


Happiness as Anarchy #99: Snail Mail

Yesterday’s image got me thinking about letters – the real ones, written on paper, folded into an envelope, arriving in the mailbox out the front – and what a joy it is to send and receive them. In my first week in my new house a little postcard arrived in the mail from a friend. She lives nearby and she wasn’t on holidays, she was just sending good wishes for the new house. Such a delight! The postcard is now on the fridge, where postcards belong. I think I might start a habit of penning real letters and cards to people, an ordinary way on ordinary days to say, “I see you out there and I’m glad. Aren’t friends grand?”