Happiness as Anarchy #348: Home recording

Finally I have my home recording studio set up. It took rather a long time to sort it out and for that little red box to arrive in the post. Now that I’ve set it all up, it’s ridiculously easy to record – plug in and go. Not only that, but it’s small enough that I can pop it all in a bag and go out and record in interesting places. Ooh, the possibilities!

Happiness as Anarchy #304: Easy Writing

Songwriting is a strange process. Sometimes the song is a struggle most of the way, but you get there in the end. Other times it seems to spring out of nowhere. And then there are all those in betweens. In my books, when I write the lyrics to a verse one day and the second verse pops out complete the next morning, I’m on the easy end of the scale. Just hoping the third verse will emerge in a similar fashion tomorrow morning with my coffee.

Happiness as Anarchy #279: A New Song

I went to bed far too late last night after being ambushed by the piano and a tune in my head. I woke up this morning with an idea for the B section, got out of bed, tried it on the piano and it worked beautifully. The lyrics for that section wrote themselves – I’m not sure what they mean or what the song is about, but give it a few days and something will turn up. It nice when a song has an easy birth. Finishing it is another task altogether.

Happiness as Anarchy #52: Finishing a Song

Starting a song is easy – an idea pops up, I play with it for a little while and in turns into something with potential. I’ll go back and work on it a few days or a week later and it gets closer to finished. But actually finishing a song takes hard work, and I often I get stuck on just one line. The first 90% of the song might take a week, and those last line few lines will bug me for a month. On the plane yesterday I finished a song that’s been on the workbench for several months. I’ve been singing it while walking today and I think I’m happy with it. Happy enough to call it finished. I’m not entirely sure about the title, but I think it’s called Never Quite the Right Time.

Version 3