Happiness as Anarchy #174: Life in old buildings

I’m a big fan of old buildings, and I’m not particularly fussy about which era. Old, stylish, beautiful, ornate, well-designed … a few of those factors and my heart is happy. My favourite kind of old building is one that is being used, rather than the museum model. Struan House just north of Coonawarra in South Australia is a fabulous example. It is a magnificent house built in 1875 by Scottish pastoralist John Robertson, and is now home to the Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA (and where I had a meeting this morning – best board room ever!). The splendour and history of the building is only enhanced by the presence of people working in it. If you’re in the area and curious you can take a self-guided tour during office hours.

Happiness as Anarchy #72: Curious plants

It’s fun fishing through my photos for something to post here. I’d forgotten about the magical, curly Xanthorrhoea that I saw driving home from Adelaide a few years ago. Like giant, twisted penises reaching for the sky as the cars whizz by at 100km an hour. It’s probably the wind out there, coming of the Great Australia Bight past the Cooyong that makes them grow in such curious forms.