Happiness as Anarchy #289: Aged bubbles

I do love an aged wine and bubbles are no exception. My very good friend Michelle had a birthday today and to toast her good health and longevity we opened a bottle of 2004 Clover Hill sparkling. It was a rich, golden colour, with delicious honey aromas. So good, in fact, that the we emptied the bottle.
Clover Hill is in Tasmania’s Tamar Valley, all rolling hills and verdant green.

Happiness as Anarchy #267: Roasted salted almonds

I confess, there are crumbs on my keyboard. It’s such a tragedy – all that salty goodness going to waste. I’d forgotten how delicious these little treasures are. Raw almonds are good, but not nearly as satisfying as their roasted counterparts, rolled in salt. And if you’re looking for the perfect sparkling wine accompaniment, look no further, for ’tis a flavour and texture match made in heaven.

Happiness as Anarchy #211: Wine mystery solved

The wine mystery has been solved and resolved. Grant Burge are kindly sending me a replacement bottle for the leaky one, requesting that I send the offender back with its cork. So I opened it and it turns out there’s nothing wrong with the cork, but the neck was cracked – when I twisted the cork the glass came off in a big splinter. There’s nothing happy about yesterday’s flat sparkling, so the contents are destined for sauce.