Happiness as Anarchy #178: Giant Rhubarb

How does something giant manage to hide in the veggie patch? I did a little weeding and discovered the giant rhubarb in the corner, quietly pushing its inch-thick stalks skyward, the enormous leaves flapping gently on the ends. The new growth is incredible – a compressed mass of verdant energy ready to explode in slow motion, gently but persistently, into the world. I foresee rhubarb tarts in the making.

Happiness as Anarchy #163: Fly screens

Big windows and gorgeous spring weather make my heart sing, with all that fresh spring air whizzing through the house. When I bought this house, the previous owners had taken off all the fly screens in an attempt to make it more appealing to buyers. Myself, I put it on my list of things that needed to be fixed. I found the fly screens in the shed and reinstalled them today so now we have the delight of fresh spring air without the flies or mosquitos.

Happiness as Anarchy #152: Spring days

Early spring brings with it such joy and hope, particularly when the sun comes out after a few chilly days. Everyone seems to be smiling and taking their time as they stroll down the street, hearts brightened by the bright blue sky and verdant green growth. I tried to be virtuous and go to Modern Art Musuem, but I couldn’t bring myself to stay indoors. My camera and I wandered the streets instead.

Happiness as Anarchy #93: New Growth

There was a thick layer of frost on my windscreen this morning, but despite the chill, spring is coming. There are buds about to burst, the first flowers on the stone fruits are out and the grass is growing like crazy. I love the vibrant green of new growth, it holds such promise and hope. Juvenile eucalypts put out leaves that are uncharacteristically bright for the Australian landscape, and round. The leaves become longer as the tree matures, but in the early years they are naively fat.