Happiness as Anarchy #356: Curious momentos

I rescued a tiny succulent from a crack in the concrete on a street in Parramatta several years ago. I brought it home, found it a pot, and it keeps growing towards the light. Its curious leaves hold so many happy memories from that weekend – of strolling the streets and op-shops with a kindred spirit, sharing a house with friends who are dear to my heart, participating in a wonderfully inspiring and interesting gastronomy conference, connecting with a beautiful man, eating, drinking, talking, singing, walking and savouring. Every day this little plant gives me a wave and sends some happy memories my way.

Happiness as Anarchy #334: Carved Rug

What on earth is a carved rug, I hear you ask. It’s exactly as the name suggests – a rug that has some lines carved out to create more definition. I love my lounge-room rug with its big floral pattern on a background of navy blue. It’s bold and warm and pure wool. I picked it up for a song one day in Ikea in the ex-display section. It is particularly inviting when the sun streams through the north window.

Happiness as Anarchy #152: Spring days

Early spring brings with it such joy and hope, particularly when the sun comes out after a few chilly days. Everyone seems to be smiling and taking their time as they stroll down the street, hearts brightened by the bright blue sky and verdant green growth. I tried to be virtuous and go to Modern Art Musuem, but I couldn’t bring myself to stay indoors. My camera and I wandered the streets instead.