Happiness as Anarchy #159: Dancing with the maestro

I always get a kick out of learning something new, and this month in Buenos Aires has been like a giant kick up the bum! I’ve learned to get by in Spanish, negotiate a new city and dance a new and very difficult dance. I still have a an awful lot to learn, but I’m making progress. I danced my last dance in Buenos Aires this evening, and even though ladies are not really allowed to ask gentlemen to dance (it’s always the other way around), I asked my teacher, Juan-Pablo, for my last tango in this fair city. He kindly obliged and danced me around the floor with expertise, playfulness and love.

Happiness as Anarchy #136: Tango Class

Tango classes are excellent at the Escuela de Tango Mundial de Buenos Aires. Everyday I arrive for a class with a different teacher and I learn something different, but essential. Sometimes we’re all beginners, and other times – like today – I’m the only beginner. Most of the men are gracious enough to dance with me and teach me something. This is what I learnt today: