Happiness as Anarchy #332: Solving a riddle

I haven’t yet solve the problem, but I have finally solved the riddle of my digital mixing desk. After several weeks of trying to get it to talk to Garage Band, I typed the magical search words into googled to uncover the truth. The next model up will do it, but not mine. One riddle solved, now on to the next one.
Here’s Josh White singing The Riddle Song in the 1949 film The Walking Hills:

Happiness as Anarchy #312: Learning new technology

It’s been a rather full-on week for everyone as we learn to do all kinds of things in all kinds of different ways. I’ve learned to set up studio lighting, make videos (with the help of my homegrown cameraman), edit and send them off in a couple of hours, and also to livestream video. I did my first live-stream gig this evening and not only did it work, people watched and enjoyed! I feel like I’ve spent time with lovely people too and that makes me feel happy.
The video is over on my facebook page if you’re curious.

Happiness as Anarchy #98: Technology Tasks

Digital technology is not my forte. Managing my own website is something I can do but it’s not always quick or easy. Like a 16th ship falling of the edge of the world, somehow the sign-up-to-my-mailing-list form fell off my website. Tonight I managed to reinstate it. It’s on the contact page (because I couldn’t work out how to put it in the sidebar – that’s a task for another day) and if you’d like to sign up you can test it out for me.