Happiness as Anarchy #325: On Language and Love

TED is brilliant. I love good presenters and odd topics and fifteen minute talks. Last night I watched Mandy Len Catron talk about the language we use to describe love. We liken love to madness or combat, and consider it something that happens to us. She challenges that notion, presenting a different perspective that favours choice and agency, and is really quite hopeful. If you’d rather read, try her article in the New York Times.

Happiness as Anarchy #34: TED talks


If you haven’t seen a TED talk, go and watch one now at www.ted.com. It is phenomenal collection of world class talks on an vast array of topics, from music to neuroscience, nanotechnology to public art.  TED talks first appeared online in 2006 and were an offshoot of the TED – technology, entertainment, design – Conference. Although most talks only go for 12 minutes or so, I could happily let hours disappear watching the speakers talk about all kinds of things; topics rendered completely fascinating by the way they present. This is public speaking at its finest.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Sir Ken Robinson on schools killing creativity

Bréné Brown on vulnerability

Karl Honoré on the Art of Slowness

Sarah Kay’s spoken word on parenting