Happiness as Anarchy #194: Tom Waits tunes

Tom Waits is an incredible songwriter and I’ve been really enjoying digging into his songs of late. One of the things I love is discovering over and over that a song I know from an album I have, or a movie I’ve seen, or just because it’s being playing on the radio for years, is a Waits tune. Here’s another I unearthed tonight – I’ve been listening to it for years on a Norah Jones album but never realised Waits wrote it.

Happiness as Anarchy #193: Rehearsals

Rehearsals are wonderful. Time and space to work things out, experiment and polish. They are also a lovely opportunity to wallow in the sounds and stretch things out in a way that you can’t do in front of an audience. I just had one of the most enjoyable rehearsals I’ve had for a long time, with Geoff for Wednesday’s Tom Waits gig. I just want to keep playing all night, but will have to be content with taking those songs out in a couple of days.

Happiness as Anarchy #180: Old, old songs

I can’t remember how I first heard Spanish Is The Loving Tongue, but it’s one of those songs that I loved instantly. I find it intriguing that there are two versions with different opening melodies – one starts with an ascending arpeggio, the other descending; the same notes in the opposite order. My preference is for the latter, and my favourite version is this live recording of Tom Waits at Folk Arts Rare Records, San Diego in 1974. The lyrics were originally published as a poem – A Border Affair – in 1907 by Charles Badger Clark, cowboy poet, and set to music in 1925 by Billy Simon.