Happiness as Anarchy #252: Hold On

Geoff and I added this song to our list today for a new project we’re cooking up. I love the underlying train rhythm that keeps it gently moving while the lyrics conjure up images of everyday life. It’s a beautiful film clip too, worth watching right to the end for two hands that meet.

Happiness as Anarchy #188: Shiver Me Timbers

Shiver Me Timbers is such a beautiful song. Digging deep into a song to learn it properly is always a fascinating process, but some songs are like medicine for my heart too. This is one of those and I’m very much looking forward to playing it at my Tom Waits gig on the 4th December.

Happiness as Anarchy #180: Old, old songs

I can’t remember how I first heard Spanish Is The Loving Tongue, but it’s one of those songs that I loved instantly. I find it intriguing that there are two versions with different opening melodies – one starts with an ascending arpeggio, the other descending; the same notes in the opposite order. My preference is… Continue reading Happiness as Anarchy #180: Old, old songs