Happiness as Anarchy #249: Trailer Acrobatics

The last of three trips of things from under the old house had a trailer filled with furniture, a large bag of rubbish and some cinder blocks. We didn’t need to unpack, just to take the trailer off the car so I can nip off to work tomorrow. Thinking (foolishly) that it was balanced, I straddled one of the front bars and pulled it off the towball, which shot me into the air and left me suspended off the ground like a performer in a removalist circus act. Lucky I was holding firmly onto the handle or I may have been catapulted over the fence. Twas quite hilarious for both me and my young helper. In hindsight, there is no doubt that the blocks in the back of the trailer were significantly heavier than the furniture in the front.

Happiness as Anarchy #116: Reversing a trailer successfully

Reversing with a trailer on does weird things to even the most engineering driven brain. Working out the logic of articulation whilst doing it is a gargantuan cognitive task (because no-one practices reversing a trailer – you just find yourself needing to do it and realise you haven’t done it for several years and all the requisite knowledge has leaked out your left ear). That special trailer-reversing happy is here this week – I’ve done it the rain, in the dark, and even avoided the path of an oncoming duck.

I think I’ve got a handle on it now