Happiness as Anarchy #353: Pink Roses

The unabashed prettiness of pink roses is always a joy to behold. The best ones are terribly thorny and heavenly scent. I’m collecting cuttings of pink roses at the moment for a planned Pompadour bed in my garden, in honour of the arts she commissioned and inspired. In 1757 the Sevres Porcelain factory, of which she was a great supporter, created a colour named after her – Rose Pompadour. Bleu Celeste is a gorgeous blue made by the same chemist. The history and recipes for these colours and other decorative materials from the period are wonderfully documented at Makers and Materials.

Happiness as Anarchy #303: Hand sewing

I default to my sewing machine over a needle and thread ninety percent of the time. Today, however, I picked up the needle to craft my bows. Seated on the carpet in the north sun flooding my lounge room, I sat and stitched my satin bows into gathered plumpness. Twas a beautifully gentle and relaxing activity to sooth my weary bones and still my mind in these troubled times.

Happiness as Anarchy #287: Collaborating with friends

My lovely friend Cecily came to stay last night to nut out the details of a project we’re working on. Drawing the Versailles Woman is a workshop we are running in the Shepparton Festival on the 19th and 22nd March, and in April in Ballarat. It’s an absolute joy to work with Cec because she’s such a great person, but also because we have complementary skills – she’s a costumier, milliner and visual art teacher, and I’m a performer, musician and researcher. We’re inherently curious creatures, and also like to be organised and well-planned (no doubt because we are both growing small people and time is precious).

Happiness as Anarchy #71: Sleeping like a log

There’s something very satisfying about waking up feeling like you’ve slept well. I never get enough hours, but I love it when I’m physically exhausted and wake up in exactly the same position as I went to sleep in. As though I fell asleep the instant my head hit the pillow and I didn’t budge until morning.

I’m not sure how well I would sleep in the quasi-public surroundings that the queens at Versailles were subjected to. All those seats were for people to watch her majesty get dressed every morning.

Chambre de la reine Versailles