Happiness as Anarchy #363: Walking & talking

Walking is a wonderful way to sort out ideas. I have solved many more problems while walking than I have sitting at my desk. In fact, most of the tricky bits in my PhD were nutted out that way. The walking phase is now embedded into my intellectual process and, although I may appear to be mad, I find talking out loud while I walk is the most effective way. Today’s walk attracted a few bewildered looks from strangers in the street, as I talked and gesticulated, but was fabulously productive in figuring out this weekend’s research idea.

Happiness as Anarchy #175: Walking Home from Dinner

Having moved from the country into town I’m still marvelling at being able to walk home from dinner. I took my brolly with me (and needed it) to wander into the centre of town for drinks and dinner – no traffic issues, no parking hassles, no need to track my drinks. The stroll home afterwards was brisk, but I didn’t even mind the chilly fingers. Who would have thought it’s possible to combine exercise and eating so well?

*There is not photo because it was dark!

Happiness as Anarchy #142: Street art

There is street art everywhere in Buenos Aires. The general state of disrepair seems to bring with it an aesthetic freedom for its citizens. There is no doubt that a painting on the wall is more pleasing for everyone than peeling grey paint. In some parts, especially San Telmo where I’m staying, it almost appears obligatory for shops and bars to have street art exteriors. This one is just around the corner and is one of my favourites.