Happiness as Anarchy #342: Lemon zest and Goat’s curd

Sometimes the spur of the moment dinner made with what one finds in the kitchen is utterly delectable. This evening I peered into the fridge and finding mushrooms, spinach and goat’s curd, prepared myself a little dinner. A clove of garlic and few gratings of lemon zest later, I have a delicious dinner for one that just happens to pair perfectly with the vinous offering in the fridge – an open bottle of Yarra Valley chardonnay. Bon appetit!

Happiness as Anarchy #316: Shiraz & Brownie

It feels a little like cheating, since I wrote about brownie yesterday. But oh my goodness, that same brownie today paired with a glass of Heathcote Shiraz is definitely making me happy. It’s a delectable combination: the brownie crunchy on top, sweet and full of dark chocolate flavours, complemented by the acidity of the wine with all its rich, dark cherry, tobacco and earthy tones. Yum!

Happiness as Anarchy #302: Birthday Wine Vouchers

I checked my emails this morning and there was more than one from a wine company. Happy Birthday, they said, here’s a little voucher to make your day better. All those calls where I end up apologising for not purchasing, claiming my credit card is empty and my cellar is full, might have worn me down. I might just make a little birthday purchase and enjoy the anticipation of a parcel on its way.
Update: I did order myself a birthday box of Chardonnay as a little treat 🙂

Happiness as Anarchy #281: Wine Tasting

I love wine, that’s no secret. And I really love sharing wine with people who are interested in wine. I hosted a lovely wine tasting afternoon today – great people, good wines, delicious food and lots of interesting conversation. The fun started for me when I was choosing the six wines to taste. We ended up with a small grower Champagne (AR Lenoble), a Coonawarra Riesling (Wynns), an aged WA Chardonnay (Peccavi – it was incredible!), an aged Yarra Valley Pinot Noir (Innocent Bystander), an Argentinian Malbec (La Linda) and a Bordeaux Cabernet blend (Château Mauperey).

Happiness as Anarchy #218: Fitting things in

There is most definitely a pleasure in defying apparent space constraints. This morning I managed to fit all of my wine in the bottom of the pantry (yes, it is large). When it was all out on the kitchen floor it looked like an impossible task, but lo and behold, all those hours of playing lego as a kid and with my kids seems to have paid off. Just don’t ask me to fetch anything out of the back corner!

Happiness as Anarchy #211: Wine mystery solved

The wine mystery has been solved and resolved. Grant Burge are kindly sending me a replacement bottle for the leaky one, requesting that I send the offender back with its cork. So I opened it and it turns out there’s nothing wrong with the cork, but the neck was cracked – when I twisted the cork the glass came off in a big splinter. There’s nothing happy about yesterday’s flat sparkling, so the contents are destined for sauce.